In my Christmas message last year, I enunciated as an objective the internalization of “mindfulness of others” – act with others in mind instead of thinking only of ourselves. Here are concrete ways of achieving our goal.

  1. I will practice waste segregation, take out my garbage bins only on scheduled collection days, and bring them back into the house as soon as possible after collection to keep my surroundings neat and clean.
  2. I will follow traffic rules: observe speed limits, make full stops at intersections when called for, and give way to pedestrians.
  3. I will abide by the building and roofline setback requirements as well as single family, residential use provision in the deed restrictions for my property to maintain the premier status of our community.
  4. I will maintain the planting strip at the frontage of my property and will keep the sidewalk free of obstructions for use by pedestrians at any time.
  5. I will park my motor vehicles within my property as much as possible, and comply with street parking regulations applicable to my neighborhood for the orderly and safe movement of vehicles and people.
  6. I will pay my association dues and other assessments on time to make sure that the village infrastructure is properly maintained and the security and safety of every resident assured.
  7. I will promptly report to village management any malfunctioning facility, security lapses, and traffic infractions. In the process, I will make prudent and judicious use of social media in airing my comments and rendering a report.
  8. Whenever I have gatherings at home, I will keep noise at a tolerable level to minimize the disturbance to my neighbors.
  9. I will not use my car horn to announce my arrival at home, especially at night when neighbors are already resting.
  10. I will participate in the village association’s meetings, and when I cannot attend, accomplish a proxy form to ensure presence of a quorum.