A spate of household intrusions was reported last week, starting in the evening of August 27 when a resident of Anahaw St. noticed an unidentified male person jump over their perimeter fence as he fled. Their attention was called by the growling of their dog, leading the resident to check on it. Nothing was reported lost or damaged. At noon of August 29, the stay-out caretaker of the house directly behind along Bunga St. reported that somebody seemingly entered her employer’s house, based on the deflected window grill leading to the living room and footprints noted on top of aircon condensing unit adjacent to the window. Nothing was reported lost in the house which is normally unoccupied save for the visits of household employees.


Early evening of August 29, a lessee-resident of Caliraya St. reported that she heard a sound as if somebody fell into their swimming pool and that she noticed traces of wet shoe marks on the pavement toward the adjacent house. The resident declared no losses. A check with the neighbors yielded no indication of intrusion. On September 3, the same resident called up to report that somebody entered their house as she noted things in disarray in the master’s bedroom at the second floor, with a wedding ring, necklace with pendant and a wrist watch missing. The intruder apparently gained access through an open window at the ground floor.


In view of these incidents, we have instructed Security to increase the number/frequency of their patrolling. Please also take note of the precautionary measures recommended by Security which are published in AAVA News. Let us be vigilant and report any suspicious-looking persons or movements in our neighborhood.